• not that it should matter, but only 81 days until I turn 21 #judgeme
  • auditioning for Y.E.S. this Saturday, so stoked!
  • my back is completely burned
  • (finally) applying to CSUF in two/ three days, FUCKING FINALLY
  • def not graduating with the class of 2015 like I “should” have but whatever, super seniors are better right?
  • I miss some high school friends tbh… like I imagined inviting some people to my 21 bday party (yes, I’m already thinking about that sue me)
  • in other news, US Open of Surf today… was interesting… I almost died like 3 times but whatever!
  • also, I hate vodka, why do I bother?

you never actually know the ENORMOUS difference between having to wake up at 5:00am as opposed to 5:15am until you start working for Disney.

sometimes, when I have to wake up at 5am for work and I’m off by 10:45am, I forget later in the day that I actually worked and the conversations I had in the morning feel like they happened days ago. and I don’t know why this should matter.